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Our Clients

We pride ourselves on forming and maintaining strong professional relationships with all of our cliental.  We strive to make sure our clients recieve the best, most thorough, and customized help on any jobsite, big or small.   Check out some of our reviews below! 

H.T. Lyons / Westech Process Solutions


I had the privilege of working with AAA OSHA Training & Safety Consultants, Inc. during the Quad C SUNY IT Utica Project.


AAA OSHA Training & Safety Consultants, Inc. mentored and enforced training and safety programs for my employees.  The invaluable preparation of the Incident and Injury Free culture has helped my team implement these beliefs.


In addition to training they spent each day on the job site to ensure my team was following protocol and keeping safety at the forefront.  Thanks to AAA we continue to comply with OSHA and Site Specific Safety Regulations.


Due to the relationships built with on-site workers and the superb trainings offered, I amcompletely confident in recommending AAA OSHA Training & Safety Consultants, Inc. to other’s in the contracting field.  Should the opportunity present itself in the future, I will re-hire AAA OSHA Training & Safety Consultants, Inc.


Ronald M. Berben, Jr.

Project Manager, H.T. Lyons/Westech Process Solutions


G.A. Donovan Management Consulting Corp.


It is with great pleasure that I recommend AAA OSHA Training & Safety Consultants, Inc.  They have been working for my company for over a year as our on-site safety inspector. They are knowledgeable and professional. The certified safety inspector is not only thorough, but also very easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to any questions I may have.


He works diligently with my subcontractors, ensuring that they are in compliance withOSHA.  AAA OSHA Training & Safety Consultants, Inc. assures that all contractors are doing PTP, Tool Box Talks and holds meetings every morning with the foreman.


AAA OSHA Training & Safety Consultants, Inc. makes sure everyone goes home safely every day. I would recommend them highly.

Greg A. Donovan


G.A. Donovan Management Consulting Corp.

Letters of Recommendation

Client List


Clients include:  Daw Technologies, C. Naughton Corporation, H.T. Lyons Westech, M&W Group, Atlantic Contracting, G.A. Donovan Management, A.D. Ventures, Niskanen Real Estate, Coleman Mannion & Sons, Highland Realty Trust, McCaffrey Mechanical, ATP Management, Murphy Excavation, North River Management, Glenshane, True Brother Construction Services, Niall Dowdall Construction, Continental Services Corporation, DM Construction, Backbay Masonry

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