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What We Do 

We provide your company and employees with the tools and training needed to succeed in industries from construction to the medical field.  With safety professionals all over the country, we can provide our services wherever your company goes.

Safety Staffing

Our certified safety inspectors are not only thorough, they are easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss any concerns and respond to any questions you may have.  

On-Site Training

We not only offer training at our  school, but we also offer training classes on your site to make sure the your workers are learning for the environment they will be working in.

Quality Management

 Our quality control staff will ensure that everything done on your site is to the highest standard and best represents your company's image.

OSHA Compliance 

Not only do we make sure your site is OSHA compliant, we guarantee that you could pass an OSHA inspection the same day.  Our certified safety professionals will go thoroughly through every part of your site to ensure everything is OSHA compliant.

Classroom Training

We can and will provide the up-to-date training and consulting available for your needs, while always staying up-to-date on upcoming or new regulations.

Safety Inspections

We perform a risk assessment of your company's safety management system and assist you in becoming an OSHA compliant workplace; while giving your management team and labor force the proper perspective to reduce losses and increase productivity.

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